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I've been playing multi-string basses since I've seen Randy Jackson playing a 5-string bass in 1979. I wanted a 5 string bass. So my brother got me a ESP 5 string jazz. I am a bass-a-holic. I play bass. Been playing since I was 11 years old. Not in a band. Jus'do free lance. Jazz fusion,funk,R&B,Country and Blues.

Got it through Ebay. I seems as if the more strings I have the better I play. I paid $465.00 for it.

I like the size of the instrument. The feel of the bass. The weight, color, the sound of the instrument.

I have two of them. What I don't like is that they don't make more colors.

It has a set-in neck. Swamp ash body. Hard maple neck. Gold plated hardware. Rosewood fretboard. 26 frets. Passsive/active volume knob and 1 balance, 3 band Eq. Only weighs 21 lbs. 34 1/2 inch scale.

The price of the bass is better than your Groove Tool by Conklin bass. It sounds as good as any multi-string bass out there, priced 5 times as much. Here's a helpful hint. Any bass guitar you have, I dare you to compare it with any other multi-string bass with the electronic in there. Quote! For the money "I dare you guys out there".

Coop\' rated this unit 5 on 2006-11-03.

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