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In December of 2004, I was in the market for an inexpensive acoustic/electric guitar for church choir use. I didn't want to attach and detach an acoustic pickup on my Seagull S6+ acoustic guitar when practicing or playing at church. While trying out a new and a used Washburn D10 SCE at BJ's Southside Music (San Antonio, Texas), I saw an AG 200 that they had in stock. Wow! What a full, rich, mellow sound from a laminate top! Sounded very much like my Seagull S6+. When I asked to try the acoustic/electric version they did not have one in stock but, could order one. Though hesitant at first, I put down $100.00 to initiate an order for an AG 200 CE (total cost was $259.00 plus tax). The great staff at BJ's assured me that if I did not like the sound and feel of the guitar, they would work with me and apply the amount paid towards another acoustic/electric that I did like.

The Monday after Christmas, I received a telephone call from BJ's. My new acoustic/electric had arrived! When I got to the store, they pulled it out of the box, and mentioned that the string set-up was already low, and that they only had to check it's tuning to check-out the action and the electronics. I sat down to test-drive the feel and sound of the AG-200-CE. I was not disappointed. The feel, coupled with the full, rich, mellow sound that I look for in an acoustic guitar was there! I also asked them to play it for me while I listened (it's difficult to "hear" the sound of a guitar while you're playing it). Not only was I glad I had taken the gamble of ordering this great sounding guitar, the staff at BJ's was as impressed as I was with the look, sound, projection and sustain from this acoustic/electric guitar with the Garrison name!

What's not to like! A fantastic sounding acoustic/electric, with a great classic look, AND at an affordable price!!

The construction and quality of this Garrison Guitar is that of one TWICE the list price of $369.99!

Even though I've only had my Garrison AG-200-CE for less than a month, I love it's natural and amplified "voice". It has not only fulfilled my criteria of inexpensive, it has surpassed all of my expectations of quality and attention to detail in an affordable acoustic/electric guitar.

Pete Laracuente, Converse, Texas rated this unit 5 on 2005-01-31.

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