Garrison G-20-CE Reviews 5

I bought this acoustic electric guitar from a friends music store when I saw it had the appointments I was looking for and the sound of a boutque guitar at a working stiffs price around $600.

The concept and the results of an all one peice bracing system made from a high-tech material with wood caracteristics yet, stronger and more consistant in molecular structure, It gave greater strenght and superior sound to the all solid wood guitar shell.

I should have got the next modle up for it has gold tuners and ebony fret board.

Built to last a lifetime it has all the quality of a canadan birch and cedar well built guitar with beautiful tight woodgrains found on guitars costing a fortune. This guitar has enclosed tuners and a fishman system pick up with a 4 band eq.

This is the perfect guitar for those who can't fork out thousands of dollers on one guitar, but have been looking for the holy grail of guitar sound and quaility,hard chipboard case included.

Dale Dickerson rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-30.

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