Genz Benz El Diablo 100c Reviews 5

I picked this amp up in penticton, with trading in my 7 piece preimier drum kit and 2 of my bc rich electric guitars, and $1500 cdn. Aquired this amp because I have been looking for the last 8 years for the amp that can achive THAT tone I wanted. (lookin for a hammett/wylde cross)

#1 looks f***in great #2 does EXACTLY what you tell it to #3 ease of use... dialing in your sound has never been so limitless or easy?how did they do it?? can sound like a hyper marshall or a beastly mesa, and #4 switching tubes from el34 to 6l6's changes the story yet again!! #5 50/ 100 watt switch actually very usefull, good tight compression at low volume on 50W, insane volume on 100w, but needs to be played at around 5 to get the nice Crunch. I have played on ALL kinds of amps, but this one has the BEST and the MOST actuall good USEFUL tones. I could go on forever, but I think you should go plug in and try one yourself..

well, you have to be a good 15- 20 ft away for the damn thing not to feedback. but, when you get away from it, look out, cause ive had MANY 4/12 cabs, but the 2/12 on this thing is crushing. thats about it, though. almost no problem when running at 50W.

Tough, heavy duty?? i dunno. I do know that its the most solid feeling amp ive ever owned, I guess if I was gonna have to put an negative on the design, it would be the fact that its soo bloody heavy. which makes no difference to the awesome tone locked in, if anything itcangive you a piece of mind that the investment is well protected, if a bit heavy to lug around. the blue lights in the thing... just beautiful. LOOKS GRAET AND ROCKS!!!

there is some kind of switch on the pedal, called global attack, that boosts a certain eq range(at a preset determined by user) and makes it absoulty cutting.wish i knew the exact range it boosted, but WOW, what a differance. I have basically spent 1/10 the time and got 1000 times the results with this amp. you can really dial in a sound that you like the feel of, and easily dial it in again andf again.VERSITILE, POWERFUL and PRACTICAL. has it all.

King Josh rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-13.

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