Genz Benz Shannadoah Jr. Amp Reviews 5

I purchased this Amp at the Music Loft in Greensboro, NC for $389.00 (before tax). I'm not sure what the list is on this amp, but the price I paid at the store is the same prices I found in Internet Catalogs. I purchased this Genz-Benz amp after plugging into dozens of amps at many stores and after reading every review I could possibly find. Of all the amps I tried, this one met my needs which were: (1) - Portability / That is, it had to be realatively light due to back problems and it is. (2)- Expandability / That is, it had to be able to plug into a Sound Board and it does. (3) - Reliability / The amp comes with a 3 year transferable warranty. (4)- Accuracy / That is, my guitar had to sound natural. It had to sound the same plugged in as it did not plugged in and it does!!!

The above reasons are what I like about the unit; but if I could pick only one it would have to be the Accuracy in making my guitar come through natural sounding. The Team at Genz-Benz has come up with an affordable winner with great quality. My goal was to purchase this amp and then get an L. R. Baggs Para D. I. to make it sound great. When I actually got home with the Amp and played it and then plugged it into the Mackie Sound Board (with all EQ set flat) I smiled when I heard the sound and decided that, for now, I don't need anything to make it sound better. I've already got it!!!

The only thing (and it's not a real issue with me) that I would like to see different in this Amp is more control over the effects. The Amp comes with Alesis effects (16 preset combinations) but there is no control over rate and depth, etc only over the overall level. But still, IT SOUNDS GREAT AS IT IS!!!

The construction and quality is TOP OF THE LINE AND VERY, VERY SOLID!

I would highly recommend anyone consider plugging into a Genz-Benz unit and giving it a try. Though I have only had mine for one week, I thoroughly enjoy it and look forward to years of satisfaction. One additional footnote: I called Genz-Benz to ask a technical question about how to run a line out to a sound board and I actually talked to a very helpful person without going through a menu. That means alot to me!

James rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-01.

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