Gibraltar SC-GCA Grabber Cymbal Arm Reviews 5

I bought this/these through, for about $20. They have sales every now and then, it stays between 20-30 dollars. I bought it as an affordable way to mount small to medium sized cymbals.

Solid construction, able to go anywhere! The clamp end will hold onto pretty small stands, maybe 1/2" to 5/8", and it opens up enough to mount to rack bar 1.5" in diameter, very versatile. It is strong even extended to the limit, I have a 16" cymbal mounted and it holds it sturdy. It can also be used for other items, windchimes or tamborines, cowbells, whatever you can think of!

The only bad thing to think of is the gear tilter. I wish it was like Pearl's uni locks, giving you any angle. But it still works fine, this is the only deficiency I could find.

Well made and strong beyond its looks, this is a definite great add on for the money.

I recommend this so highly I own 6 of them!

Drumfreek rated this unit 5 on 2002-02-28.

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