Gibson 2002 Les Paul Standard 60's Neck Reviews 4

1815, Chuck Levins in Maryland, USA.

It's a Les Paul. 'Nuff said. 60's neck is awesome.

Burstbuckers are great for the thick. They're a bit on the sloppy side. They could use a little more clarity. They're very forgiving. The weight. I understand the supplies of wood are different now. They vary. Mine is light, so at the ned of a gig my back is fine, but still would prefer the heavier ones for its' more complex tone and feedback rejection.

Pretty consistent. A piece of the finish broke off at the nook of the headstock by itself. A "4".

Concentrate on the heavier woods ( if you don't want to compromise tone), and though the Burstbuckers are great sounding, they're not for you if you prefer super tight response. Slap some Grovers on there too!

GTR Dude rated this unit 4 on 2004-09-05.

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