Gibson 2004 Gibson Les Paul Standard, 50's neck Reviews 5

I wanted a new Les Paul Standard. Mine was purchased from Musicians Friend for $2K. Nice job Musicians Friend! They sent a very nice one!

Everyone should know about Gibson Les Pauls, so I don't need to eleborate on the form. It is a beautiful instrument. The heritage cherry sunburst finish on the wonderously figured maple top is breathtaking. The red-finished mahogany of the neck and body is really nice as well. The Burstbucker Pro pickups are great; the best of the PAF and some P90 tone too. I've played PAF's, P-90's, Dirty Fingers, Velvet Brick and Dimarzio Super Distortion on Gibson instruments. I like these Burstbucker Pro's the best. This guitar gives a miriad of tones: whisper-soft response for jazz and blues; great snap and twang for country; clear, bell-like, angelic tone; growls and screams; warm; fat; creamy; Allman Brothers, Skynyrd, Iron Maiden; If you want it, you've got it. This guitar sounds amazing. Sustain-long sustain... The frets were OK-no file marks and pretty flat. I expected excellent quality, it's a Les Paul, and this guitar is just that.

The sticky feeling neck. Maybe it will improve as the finish ages.

It's great. This is a Gibson Les Paul! There is nothing like pulling a brand-new, factory-fresh Gibson out of the box! The Nashville folks did a good job on this one. I've been playing for 26 years and I build custom guitars. This is the sixth Gibson I've owned. I took a very hard look at this guitar and found only two very small imperfections: a 1/16" x 3/8" ripple from glue by the fretboard; and a small dip in a inlay. These are not really worth mentioning. The rest of the instrument was glass-smooth. The frets are OK, but 16 and up need a little leveling. The nut was filed to nominal height, but needed a little work. All new guitars need tweaking & intonation, so I expected these. They are not a big deal. Of course, as with any electric guitar, put straplocks on ASAP.

I really like this guitar! It is an heirloom and a beautiful object-a Les Paul! The pickups are the best. It plays GOOD! I call this one "Jeannie."

Jon Mason rated this unit 5 on 2004-09-14.

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