Gibson Flying V '67 Reviews 4

Bought from Musician's Friend for $1269; I was looking for an aggressive, double-humbucker, rock guitar.

There is no guitar that offers this much upper-fret access. The Flying V makes an immediate impact image-wise, and the fingerboard is typical Gibson -- smooth as butter. The pickups (498R and 500T) are very hot and give a surprisingly good clean tone for pop and fingerstyle. Slinky action facilitates bending and power chording. And for reasons unknown, this guitar has a certain quality which makes me much more creative when free-form jamming or brainstorming songs.

The neck on the Flying V is a little on the wide side -- I have a better time with my left hand on my SG. The V is of course not easy to play sitting down, but I can manage. I also don't like the finish I ended up with; classic white would have cost $200 extra (is it really worth that much?), and I already had a guitar in heritage cherry, so I went with ebony, but it's a pretty nondescript finish. This guitar sounds bad when the tone control is all the way down, so jazzier, moodier tones would be harder to get on this guitar. Then again, who would use a Flying V for jazz? The biggest nagging concern is that Gibson now produces a 'Faded V' which has the exact same specs (pickups, triangular knob arrangement, and cable jack on the body, not on the tip of the V), but is only about half the price!

Very good. Gibson has never let me down in this department. If there's one thing, I think a guitar costing nearly $1300 should have a more interesting finish, or at least more free colour options. Jackson offers different finishes for much more reasonable prices, mostly between $40 and $80.

I have slight reservations about this guitar. I can't help thinking if I waited a year, I could have bought the same guitar for half the price. But it plays extremely well, sounds great, and has given me a plethora of great improv sessions, new songs, and guitar parts. So it may have been worth it. And being a Gibson, this guitar should go up in value with time.

Derek Mok rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-12.

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