Gibson Flying V '90 Reviews 3

My brother got it for about 900, i dunno in dollars, figure it out. I also dont know why he got it since he rarly plays. but its his money..

It's a flying V, a cult guitar design that will live forever, its also american which helps alot in the quality department.

I was dissapointed! you knwo you hear bands like metallica playing their flying v's and its like VRRRRAM! loud and evil sound. this guitar however sounds more like BRRRrrrrRRR... a very weak sound compared to what i thought ot would sound like. also undistored it just sounds like any other guitar you can buy for half a cocnut. Also the form of the body is, not good, not bad, just plain "why did you do this gibson?" you cant sit with it cause it slides out of your lap all the time. and the acoustics of the guitar (the amount of sound it makes when not plugged in) is weak, its very hard to tune without an amp cause you cant hear the sound.

It's good I guess, but the holw guitar seems very flimsy, I mean i would not dare to rock out on it, it looks lite its gonna fall apart at any minute, it hasnt yet thou.

I would not buy this guitar, humbuckers to weak to be cool and to heavy to be mellow, also the body is just to weird and I dont like it. Spend your money on a vintage fender and a couple of seymour duncan humbuckers instead of buying this overrated guitar.

Erik W rated this unit 3 on 2005-04-13.

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