Gibson Korina Explorer 1983 Custom Shop (re-issue 1958) Reviews 5

This guitar sounds better than any Gibson I've heard. In addition, it plays like one can expect from a custom shop Gibson. This guitar gets the best out of me. It's very fast, accurate, bright and full in tone and has tons of sustain (Or what did you expect: it's made of a log of wood that is twice as big as a normal guitar body). Before you plug it in, you can hear clearly what exactly you are playing. You feel the body resonate against your chest (or belly?). Once plugged in, you can hear that it is equipped with original quality PAF's, and not with the usual standard ceramic pickups. This Explorer has character. You can play lovely jazzy tunes as well as heavy rock/nu-metal riffs (my style). What you shouldn't expect is a typical american metal sound (forget Metallica: it's not suited for that). I rather go for that British vintage sound and it is best suited for that (think U2, Kravitz). I can safely state that my SG Standard has more gain in it than the Explorer, although the latters output is far greater.

I love it. And so I got more than what I was looking for. A new Gibson here costs 2.5 times the price I paid for this almost vintage piece. I love how it plays, I love the tone & sound versatility: I am really very fond of it. I wanted a second guitar, but it became my principal guitar. When you have the chance, play one.

oedipoes rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-02.

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