Gibson Les Paul Standard Premium Plus Flame Top Reviews 5

Music Emporium, New 2004 model 2,300.00

Appearance is "DROP DEAD GORGEOUS" Desert Burst with AAA flame maple top Playability is "OUTSTANDING" Tone goes from "THICK & FAT" to a sound so sharp it "CUTS LIKE A BARBER'S RAZOR" Switches & pots simple quality you can feel Sustain goes forever The weight? NO PROBLEM (get a strap with thick padding if it bothers you)

The fact that I can't afford to buy a second one. (But I may start working on it)

This guitar is built like a "Brick Sh--house Solid As A Rock, Unbelievable finish. The owner of the store called me the day it came in and said it was the nicest looking "Paul" he'd ever gotten in. My wife still stares at it. (And she doesn't play)

The bottom line: I've read reviews about the Epi Les Paul being almost as good as the Gibsons', so.............. I bought one,.... and traded it in 2 months later for the Gibson. If anyone out there says that these two guitars sound and play even remotely the same, I suggest that you sell your guitar(s) and buy yourself a good hearing aid cause you gotta be deaf. Also, I read a review about the Brian Moore i2 being as good as the Gibson. Well, I have an i2, and it is a great guitar, blows the doors off of the Epi, it's definately a "keeper," but again, there is no comparison to the Gibson. The feel, the sound, the switches & pots. I was just fooling myself, I tried to take the "cheap" way out and tell myself "Oh, it's just as good" but the bottom line is "you get what you pay for." These Gibsons' are not over priced, they're not just living off of their name, they really are "THAT GOOD". Now, finally, I pick up my guitar and I'm 100% happy. I can walk through the largest guitar stores and not "want" or "wish" I had something different. I don't "want" anymore because now "I have." If you can afford it, "just do it", you'll never look back. The new 2004's are just amazing, and that's no bull!

Final Solution rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-29.

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