Go Guitars Grande Mahogany Travel Guitar Reviews 5

$300 with gig bag and sealed tuners. Sylvan Guitars, California I wanted a travel guitar that I would enjoy playing even at home. I wanted something that I could take with me to parties, the beach, etc. and just have it be real handy. Has been everything I needed for that.

Great sound. Very well built. Very portable size. The neck is a full 24.5" scale like a standard acoustic but the body is about the size of a shoebox. So it packs as a long thin package. Looks like a short rifle when it's in its case. It's plenty loud and has good tone. It's not as full a tone as a full size acoustic but hey, it's a travel guitar. Comes with a killer gig bag. I also got the optional sealed tuners for a few $ more. It's really well built with meticulous workmanship. The neck is fun to play and feels good. It has 17 frets with a cutaway so you can get to all of them. Even has a truss rod that I have used to adjust the relief. It is a way better guitar than the Martin backpacker and it is almost as small. I have also played the standard go guitar which is the same size but 3/4 inch thinner. It was really fun to play too. It just has a less full sound and isn't quite as loud. When I received the guitar and tuned it up it played great right out of the box. It has great intonation and the action is right on for a steel string acoustic. Kind of a low-medium action. Stays in tune well.

Nothing to complain about. For the money this is by far the best travel guitar you can get. Plays well even as your main acoustic with a little higher mid-range tones.

Great. Super solid for its size, as you would expect of a travel guitar. Has a well-padded gig bag.

If you want a more portable great-sounding guitar look no further. They rock. Also, their support is great. I emailed them with a few questions and the owner and luthier there emailed me back promptly and helped me out.

Matt rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-13.

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