Godin SD Lacewood Top Reviews 5

Bought it 460$ (565 list) at musiquemax in Rosemere, quebec.

Basically everything! I used to play strats before I sold everyone of them. The sound of the humbucker is fat yet ''gibson-like'' sounding. The mid and neck single coils just sound very strat-like. The neck is made of rock maple wich is very stable even in the worst beatings (i'm a yngwie malmsteen fan). Great for blues playing and versatile to go into death metal too! I play it through a peavey with a digitech rp50 and boy you can get whatever sound you want! This axe is just perfect!

Nothing actually... except maybe for the trem, it's a bit stiff but I never actually use it so it doesn't bother me at all.

Where to begin? the aspect of the whole thing looks and feels like an american deluxe strat costing 2 grand. The overall quality of the parts and not to mention the wood is just amazing! Hand-made parts with hand assembly what could you ask more? only two words come to mind: CUSTOM SHOP! Amazing all the way through!

In my 15 years of playing guitar(s) never have i seen such quality at this price range. Godin has been in biz since the 90's and I sincerely think that these guitars will be worth alot of money in 10 or more years. If you own an SD Lacewood keep it! this model is very rare since they made only 900 copies world-wide. And also they don't make cream pickguards and pickups anymore! They only come in black now. If you find one, buy it and fast they are the mother-of-pearls!!! as for evry other SD guitars. Never will I go back to a fender again, got everything that i like right here in my hands, Precision engineering!

Guitarcheologic rated this unit 5 on 2005-03-21.

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