Godlyke PA-9 Power All Power Supply Reviews 5

I bought this from musicians friend for $40. I know this sounds expensive for a single power supply but it is cheaper than $400 for 20 read on and find out what i mean.

This thing can power up to 20 9-volt effects pedals form any company and come with adaptors for older pedals if you use pedals that use 9-volt batteries this will fit them.


same as any power supply but only takes up 1 space in a wall socket.

If you use more than 1 pedal or plan to use more than one buy it tell your guitar player with an endless supply of effects to sell all his power supplys dont buy anymore batteries buy one of these and the optinal 5 more adaptors but dont power more than 20 pedals with it it is too valuable to blow it up.

Philip Wind rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-30.

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