Gorrila GG-20 15 Watt Reviews 4

Well to be quite honest this amp was found in my attic along with my guitar (I suspect that it was actually a birthday gift as it was found on my birthday). it retails at around $80 dollars and I don't know where to buy one. it has no distortion but it sounds nice and deep. not bad at the high end either. good first buy (unless you can get a marshal).

it has a deep sound with good lows and highs with reverb (they call it tube stack tm.)

it has no drive or distortion

good strong construction (i dropped it down the stairs and still works fine). everything fits together well.

perfect for begginers as a practice amp or for electro acoustics. very cheap too.

rubbish guitarist no 3 rated this unit 4 on 2003-11-12.

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