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I'm more a guitarist than a bassist, but this bass makes playing bass fun.

I got this bass when I was taking guitar lessons, and they were also teaching bass. It was used in bands, although I always played guitar. This was back in the late 70's. I don't remember how much it cost--my Dad paid for it.

The short scale. It makes it easier to play. The weight--it's quite light. The look--I took off the pickguard to show off the wood, and the tailpiece cover--I think it looks better that way. the sound--You might not think a smaller & ligher bass could sound so goo, but it does.

I have trouble finding short scale bass strings. regular scale bass strings work for the A, D & G strings--but I cut off a lot of them, but I can't use the E string as is, because it double wraps on the post--so I have to cut it off quite low and then flatten it to get it in the slot on the machine head. It's a hassle. The bridge pickup is a bit weak, but I mostly use the neck pickup, or both together.

Sturdy, and comfortable. The smaller neck is fun to play, and easy too. It's strong too. there's good wood on it.

I was a reluctant bassist in a way, but this bass made it fun. The real EB-3 bass, by Gibson is one mostly associated with Jack Bruce--especially during the Cream years. This copy looks quite close, but it doesn't have the varitone switch of the original. It has a regular pick-up selector switch. Granada was a brand name used for the "in-house" guitars the music school sold, and most students used. The solid bodies were made by Aria. I posted on the electric guitar section a review of my Les Paul copy--whereas that received a lesser review--the bass gets a better one. It's better made and mroe fun to play as a bass, than the Les Paul copy is as a guitar. However, I have a real Les Paul to compare that one with. I've never played areal EB-3--so maybe my opinion would change. I've often considered getting a different bass, but so far I've wound up sticking with this one.

zontar rated this unit 4 on 2007-10-21.

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