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I acquired this bass from my cousin. He bought it off a school teacher's friend for $75.00. I got it from him for free. He doesn't play it. I also play guitar and I started to play bass in a band and needed a bass. He had it and let me use it.

The biggest thing I like most about the bass is the neck-through-body. The sustain this bass has is unreal. It also has a great bottom end sound and also top end. I usually play through the p.a. system and don't use an amp. With this bass you get that great classic tone with out any fancy effects. The feel of the bass is also great. It's a 1975 bass so it knows how to play like one.

The only downside to this great bass is that it is quite top end heavy. When you're wearing the bass and let go of the bass, the headstock wants to fall. Also, after a weekend of playing, my back is pretty sore.

The bass is a 1975 and has a neck-through-body. It has a basic bridge, not through the body. The machine heads and tuning pegs are like the classic fender style, so they're somewhat big. The body is quite thing compared to other basses. I'm not to sure on what kind of wood it's made with, but it's quite heavy and has a great tone to it. Because it's a 1975 bass, it has that classic beat up look to it. The vintage look. It adds character. It's a dark brown wood grain finish with a black pick guard. There is only one pick-up and one volume and tone control. The pick-up is awesome and sounds great. It has four strings and i believe twenty frets.

If they were to make these basses still, I would buy one at the drop of a hat. I would never get rid of this classic. I love ot to much. I want a new bass, but I love the feel with this one and I love to play it. It just feels to damn right.

Bevan rated this unit 4 on 2003-10-31.

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