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I tripped over it. It was in its opened hard case on the floor [at Daddys Junky] where it was left by a customer who was upset that his low-ball offer was refused. I asked about price, and for $230 [!!!!!] I bought it in a hurry before the previous almost-owner could come to his senses and return for it. NO REGRETS !

It's got EMG PJs, Grover tuners, Schaller bridge with adjustable spacing, dark rose wood or maybe ebony neck, thin and easy to play, unknown body wood [opaque finish] but very light on the shoulder and no neck dive. Sound ? Big dark and mellow. Sounds very much like my '82 GL 2000e fretless. I've played them back to back and it's hard to choose between them.

It has an extremely offset body shape [see Dearmond pilot, a copy] like a spaced out jazz body. It's not ugly, but for various practical reasons I like a symetrical shape to the butt end of a bass.

Much was described above. Other details are: bolt-on neck, VVT 3-knob controls, 4-in-line [but fairly compact] peg head, and it's USA built [mid 80's I think]. The bridge casting has a slight patina and mild pitting after 20yrs [+/-]. The jack and pots appear original and work perfectly on a bass with obvious signs of use.

Very lightweight but with the sound of my 10 pound GnL, and for less than 1/2 the sheckels ? We have a clear winner here. I like it so well that I have located its fretted sister. The pair will not be too heavey a load in my double gig bag.

golem rated this unit 5 on 2003-09-12.

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