Guild X170 Manhattan Reviews 5

Online Auction, $890 (a steal) I had wanted to get one for a couple of years. They usually go for around $1050 to $1100 used.

The finish is amazing. Flamed maple all the way. It is laminated, but it looks good enough to eat. The jazz tone is gorgeous, and the neck feels great. The pick ups are very good. The neck pup provides a warm woody tone, and the bridge one nice bite. I use a blend of both to provide just what I want. Finish detail is excellent.

It has little thinner body than I'd ideally like, but it is certainly OK. It also has a bit of a thin neck from the archtop I had been playing ( an Epi Joe Pass) but I got used to it once I quit playing my other guitar. These are both just personal issues, and don't have anything to do with the guitar itself.

Made in America, 100% perfect. I do believe that this model has been discontinued. There is Dearmond model clone that is also pretty sweet for about 1/2 the $ (or less)

I would look for another one immediately should something happen to this one. It is certainly a step up from the Joe Pass level, and better than the Gibson 335 I had for a while (but so is my Epiphone Sheraton II for that matter). I am a very happy Guilder.

Paul W rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-06.

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