Guitar Research T64RS Half-stack Reviews 5

I purchased this item from my local Sam Ash store for 250$. Ibought this item b/c my friend has this amp and i was blown away when i heard it and then he told my the complete half stack cost him 250$!!!!!

#1.....ITS A HALFSTACK!!..this is my first half stack but i mean its awesome. the clean section is very clean and the distortion is killer. i play death metal and i tune either CGCFAD or B F# B E G#C#....and i mean it totally rips.

nothing really.....its awesome.

built well, comes VERY well packed and has wheels, and also....the head locks into the cabinet and its pretty neat so it doesnt fall off from the vibrations.

overall this amp is awesome....i mean if u see one thats over 300 ur getting ripped off cuz i got mine for 250. all other reviews say there is no warranty....well...i have a 1 year warranty from guitar research!!!so, if u have 250$ go buy this amp now!!!

Joe from Long Island rated this unit 5 on 2005-02-20.

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