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hard rock, metal, and church bands Playing for 16 years.

I don't own an HB kit{and never will}. My friend bought it off HB's website, I think he paid around $500. {Way too much}.

Personally, I didn't like anything. Not much to like about them except they were cheap. I did like that I wasn't dumb enough to ever buy em'.

Hardware broke a few times, not very reliable. I didn't like the sound, it was terrible. And I didn't like the crap that HB gave my friend about the quality issues over the phone. He called several times and got nowhere. Yea,real top notch HB, you guy's must be hittin' the pipe too much.

The quality control dept. must always be drunk when they're working. There was no QC at all!! Three rims were bent, the floor tom was cracked, the hi-hat stand broke after 2 weeks and the wrap on the toms was a joke.

The only thing good about HB Drums is that if there's not a bathroom around, and you have to go pretty bad, you can remove one of the heads and take a dump in it. Their website, {HB's}, tells you they're top quality drums, that's a complete joke. Just like the screwballs that are pictured on their website posing with their trash. Gimme' a break. Idiots.

smarter drummer rated this unit 1 on 2008-05-09.

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