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The set I got to play was a red 9 piece Predator. As an active gigging drummer playing in a band for many years and recording songs and commercials in studios, I've got to learn a thing or two about drums over the years.

These 'things' weren't mine. They were owned by a teenage drummer in a metal band.

That they weren't mine.

This paragraph section isn't long enough to describe what I didn't like about this trash.

It was terrible, no QC whatsoever. Cracked inner shells on two toms, hardware was completely horrible, the wrap on the floor tom was peeled up at the overlap, and one tom was out of round. The owner told me it was like that out of the box. He tried to call several times to HB, but got the run around everytime.

The bottom line is this. I can't fairly compare them to what I play because I use high end equipment. But HB claims to have the same, or better quality and sound as other sets that cost more. That's a total joke. From what I saw and heard, I wouldn't buy these for a beginning drummer, or an intermediate drummer. For firewood yes, to play out anywhere, no. They're junk, plain and simple. Whatever price you see them for, it's $200.00 to high.

Buy drywall buckets instead. rated this unit 1 on 2010-03-13.

I've been playing on and off for about 20 years. I played in metal bands and a church band.

I bought it from Surf City Music. for about $800.

I did not like anything about it. I do like that I sold it to some stupid punk kid.

The quality, workmanship, the heads. The hardware was terrible, the sound sucked.

It was very poor, your better off using it for firewood.

Anybody that knows anything about drums buys any of these sets and says their awesome has to be a complete idiot.

rated this unit 1 on 2008-03-11.

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