HB Drums Predator 12 Reviews 5

I've played drums for over 20 yrs and like the versatility of a large set for playing rock. I play in a "weekend warrior" band and hold down a full time outside day gig. Classic rock styles and big fan of Carmine Appice since Vanilla Fudge days and studied with his method book, Realistic Rock when I started.

I purchased my HB Predator 12 from hbdrums.com and paid about $1200 for the complete kit.

I really like the tone of their birch shells and the quality is excellent and price was too good to pass up. I've got the entire spectrum of toms from 6" to 18" floor tom and everything in between. Always wanted a double bass setup and now I have just about all the drums I can handle.

They included a free student cymbal pack that I upgraded as they were beginner type cymbals but certainly can't complain since they didn't cost anything. I really can't bitch about anything, sorry, the set's a great buy all the way around.

6 ply birch shells look very clean. I got the pacific coast white finish. Boom stands were much better than I expected with heavy counter weight on boom.

Very pleased with tone and performance of set and would recommend HB drums to anyone looking for a quality drum set without breaking the bank.

Doug Ames rated this unit 5 on 2006-05-07.

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