HB Drums Predator 7pc Reviews 1

I've played drums for about 17 yrs.

This set was my friends, not mine. I think he said he paid around $600.

I played this set about 10 times. I have to say there's nothing that I saw that I liked.

The bass drum pedal broke twice in 3 months, two rims were bent and the hardware was terrible.

From what I saw there was no quality whatsoever, and the construction was poor and cheaply made.

I would NEVER buy any of these HB Drums, they're a joke. There are so many more drum companies that can give you a better value, and the "artists" and people working at Surf City Music are a bunch of clowns, my friend tried to get some quality issues worked out and they didn't do anything. He since sold the junk and bought a much nicer set.

Brian rated this unit 1 on 2008-04-01.

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