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Below is the info from they're site copied and pasted. HB Drums just started doing custom sets made in the US. I got mine in Seafoam Green and in the standard shell depths, but you can pick whatever depths you want. Since you can choose the bearing edges, I went with 30/30. I've been playing drums for about 15 years now, have played Remo, Pearl, DW and other sets. I used to play in a few bands, but haven't been lately. Pretty stoked on this set though, might get back into it! Included Drums: * Predator Elite Series Bass Drum: 22' x 16' x 20 Lugs * Predator Elite Series Floor Tom: 16'x16'x12 Lugs * Predator Elite Series Rack Power Tom: 15'x13'x12 Lugs * Predator Elite Series Rack Power Tom: 14'x12'x12 Lugs * Predator Elite Series Rack Power Tom: 13'x11'x12 Lugs * Predator Elite Series Rack Power Tom: 12'x10'x12 Lugs * Predator Elite Series Rack Power Tom: 10'x10'x8 Lugs * Predator Elite Series Rack Power Tom: 8'x8'x8 Lugs * Predator Elite Series Snare Drum (matching birch shell) 14'x5 1/2'x12 Lugs Included Hardware: * PCH Series Hi-Hat Stand * PCH Series Snare Stand * PCH Series Tom Stand * 2-PCH Series Straight Cymbal Stand * PCH Series Boom Cymbal Stand * PCH Series Bass Drum Kick Pedal * HBLP Lugs * 2 - PCH Series Tom Arms * 3 - HBFL-01 Floor Tom legs * 2 - HBBL-03 bass drum legs * Clear Mylar Drum Heads * Ported Ebony Front Bass Head * 1 - Pair 5B Drum Sticks * 1 - Drum Key

I was looking on their website, hbdrums.com, after hearing about the new customization options and US made stuff. The prices were really low, lower than anthing else I've seen in similar quality so I ordered pretty much within 5 minutes of being on the website. For the custom 9 piece lacquer kit with hardware I paid $1,950.


The set looks amazing and sounds amazing. And I got it 3 days after I ordered it! My friends and even my girlfriend think it's awesome, haha. I named it Johnny Utah, after Keanu Reeves in Pointbreak. Not sure why, I just did.

I'm usually a nit-picker but I can't really find anything to complain about.

The quality is excellent, the set is made of Birch wood. Very sturdy and durable as far as I can tell. The hardware is solid.

I don't really do these review things but I am so happy with this set, the value, and the service they gave me that I felt compelled to write a review. Highly, highly recommended.

Mike Stewart rated this unit 5 on 2010-11-11.

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