Hamer Korean Archtop Sunburst Flame Reviews 5

I bought this one on ebay after reading great reviews. I paid $320.00.

I love the feel of the neck, it's really fast and solid feeling. It has amazing tone after changing the pickups, bridge and the nut. Now it compares to and surpasses any of the Strats or Les Pauls I've ever owned. I've owned a ton of guitars over the past three decades of playing and I think this Hamer beats them all. It's made in Korea too......unbelievable.

N/A I like everything about it.

I'm not sure what kinds of wood were used. The top looks like a beautiful flame maple 10 top, but we all know it's laminated. Who cares, it looks and sounds fantastic. The tuners had to be replaced with locking Sperzel's, the pickup's weren't bad (Duncan Design) but I installed two old Gibson pickups I like much better. The bridge was a little flimsy so I put in a Gibson bridge that was a little wider and beefier. I had to switch the nut for bone. The quality and construction of the main guitar and neck are superb.

This guitar is a fantastic value even after adding nice parts. Other companies have lower line guitars made made outside the US that can't even come close to the Korean made Hamer. A majority of the US made ones can't even touch this one!

Jimmy Rowbottom rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-04.

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