Hammer Percussion 5 Piece Drumset Reviews 4

Bought on Ebay for nearly $300US. Price varies between $250-250 depending on the auction.

The appearance of the kit is outstanding as far as fit and finish. No plastic parts at all. fittings are steel and brass, with enough tuning lugs on all the drums to get a very accurate tuning. All the hardware is double-braced and heavy duty, and the cymbal stand is counterweighted. Chain-driven HH stand has great feel.

Of course the cymbals are trash (aluminum-sounding metallic crack that made me cringe before I replaced them the next day w/saluda ss's). The snare sounds iffy and rattles when you hit the toms, no matter how you tune or tighten it. The factory heads are surprisingly good sounding, but thin, and will prolly have to be replaced within a few months, but what the hay...most kit heads suck right out of the crate. Bass pedal is so-so, but servicable.

Very good 9 ply wood construction and sturdy hardware. Will prolly last a long time. NO plastic.

Absolutely great first or intermediate set of drums. Replace the cymbals and you're good to go (you'll eventually want to get a new snare, IMHO). I'll give it a 4 only because of these items, everything else rocks!

Dave Costner rated this unit 4 on 2003-02-27.

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