Harbinger HP112 Powered Loudspeaker Reviews 5

Harbinger HP112 Powered Loudspeaker has a a 12' speaker and 1-3/4' compression HF driver and powers them with a 500W Class-G amplifier. I am a student, musician, writer, and pretty good line dancer residing in beautiful Nashville, TN. I've been a drummer and guitar player for the past 10 years of my life and have began engineering and producing in the past 4. I currently play drums for the band Brookline and you can see me rockin' an Orange County Drum and Percussion or Mapex kit decked out with Zildjian K Hybrids.

When looking for two good kickbacks for our rehearsal studio, I stumbled across these Harbingers as a recommendation from a buddy who does live sound in Nashville. We bought two of these speakers for $549.99 a piece at Guitar Center in Nashville.


These speakers are so clear and crisp and would compare to a much more expensive JBL or Mackie. We use them through our Mackie mixer and simple run 3 vocal mics and 3 D.I.'s into it in our rehearsal studio. They have a great kickback design so they can be used as monitors as well as mounting holes for stands. They are very portable as well as solid and durable.

Built like a tank, the Harbinger has a hard birch enclosure. It looks clean and has extremely high quality circuitry.

Bottom Line? The Harbinger HP112 is the best value for price. You get everything you would get with a comparable JBL for half the price. Definitely a great buy!

AlexV rated this unit 5 on 2010-03-11.

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