Heritage Millenium DC Reviews 5

I'd heard so much about Heritage Guitars and how well built they were, that I decided to give it a shot. Wolfe Guitars in Florida had one in stock, so I bought it online. Paid $1400.00

The fit and finish of this guitar is flawless. The binding, inlays and finish are like no guitar I've seen at any price. The feel is classic. It's like an old friend from the first note you play. Of course nothing else matters as much as the sound and it's just pure Blues. It's got a very Gibson 335 sound but with a much more rock vibe. I can play anything from B.B. King to Ac/DC and never have to change anything but my shirt!

It's hardly worth mentioning, but you asked... The guitar has gold plated hardware and I'm sure with time it'll begin to rub off. I've seen that on a lot of guitars and with some it gives them charachter, others it just looks old. I like the look of nickel and chrome personally, so there was no need to have gold hardware..

As I said before, FLAWLESS!! Couldn't be better. It's really a work of art.

What a great guitar. A comparable Gibson would be nearly $3,000.00. (I checked!) I love Gibsons too, but if the guitar isn't going to be any better I'm not going to fork out that much moola for the Gibson name alone. I hear the resale on these things is comparable to any other high-end guitar, so there's nothing lost there either. Frankly, I can't imagine selling it!

Bill Perry rated this unit 5 on 2003-01-01.

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