Hohner 00982 Reviews 5

I bought this off a friend who needed the money for coke. He sold it to me for $100. I have no idea what model it is.

I fell in love with it's looks instantly. The wood inlays are superb. The rare wood used for the back is unique and the seam is hardly visable, they blended the wood with expertice. I then got strings for it and tried it out. The sound is beautiful, rich deep and full. The guitar is 20 years old but looks fantastic and sounds even better.


Brazillian hardwood, cherry and rosewood/wenge fretboard. The grain on the back of the guitar forms a heart pattern, but the seam is hard to find(A+). The Brazillian wood is repeated in the circle around the sound hole, inlaid perfectly. Gorgeous guitar.

I have been doing research and even joined the HofnerHound web ring and cannot find a proper model number or description for this guitar. I believe it to be rare and valuable. I hope the dude's buzz was worth getting rid of this wonderful instrument.

BMSinister rated this unit 5 on 2002-08-23.

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