Hohner 532/20 MS Blues Harp in C Reviews 5

I bought this harp for 20 bucks at a local music store. They usually sell for more but there was a sale on and I can always use a new piece since they lose their tone and get cranky after a lot of heavy blowin'. This one is in the key of C, great for good ol'Mississippi blues and /or Texas boogie as well as any rock'n'rollin'.

The sound, man, the sound. This is the best simple harp made. For years I used only the Marine Band, made by the same company, and various diatonics and such as I could find. This one plays the best and keeps it's tone the longest. Each hole gives a clear sound and allows me to bend notes as far up or down as I like. I even like the new plastic case they come in, used to be cardboard, this is nicer, keeps em' dry.

Not much to not like about a Hohner. They smell a little funky, but not unpleasant. I have never understood if it's just the wood or what.

The covers and reedplates are chrome metal and the combs are wood. They have a new kind of rivet that is better than the old sixties units fasteners. I like that you can order parts to repair an old harp, though I have always just bought new units rather than repair them. My old harps lay around till they disappear one way or another.

Hohner is the best for single key harps, if you develope any talent at all you can make them sing like a sweet lady. I still like the Marine Band and will play any harp I can get hold of, but the one in my pocket is usually a Hohner Blues. I'm sure most users know this but if your looking to learn, this is what you buy to get started with and to play on to the finish.

Long Lost Gypsy Dog rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-03.

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