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I've messed about with guitars since the 60's, never seriously, I'm afraid. My musical tastes are infinite.

I bought it new in 1983 from a music shop in Bridlington, Yorkshire for

After 24 years the guitar is as new. No deteriation in any area. It stays in tune, unlike the Yamaha and Samick Royale I've bought since. The neck is exceptional. No buzz, even though I lowered the action a fair bit. I've found it easy to work on. You can easily get to the electricals, and re-stringing is a doddle.

I can't think of anything.

I feel that whoever put this particular guitar together took a real pride in their work. The neck is like an arrow and feels really slim. The guitar is light and feels well balanced, with a highly polished overall varnish, which is slill like new.

This guitar is typical of the quality of guitars coming out of Japan in the early eighties and it is easy to see why the likes of Gibson and Fender endorsed Japanese products so readily. At present I am cosidering buying a Fender Strat, and would certainly look at the Japanese Squier versions rather than the Korean or Mexican made ones. The American strats are a bit beyond my pocket.

Rumbler rated this unit 4 on 2007-12-31.

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