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Being a Dream Theater fan, I wanted to learn more about how Mike Portnoy incorporates his style into Dream Theater and Liquid Tension Experiment. I bought this DVD from CDNow and paid $45 (Including shipping).

Mike Portnoy, who is arguably the best drummer ever to sit behind a drum kit, breaks down difficult drum beats and odd time signatures so that it makes sense to drummers of all skill levels. The DVD has a camera switching option so you can get different views of his playing. This option helps when you want to isolate a certain pattern/beat to learn. The live footage is also a nice bonus and the "drum wars" section(where Mike brings a tom with a microphone out on stage and has a duel with a member of the audience)on the second DVD is really fun to watch. The sound and picture quality of the studio footage is outstanding.

Some of the live footage doesn't sound particularly good.

The DVDs both worked fine.

Doesn't matter what skill level you are or even if you're not a drummer, this Two-set DVD is pure enjoyment. I can't stop lending it out to all my friends (most of them are not even drummers) because they all get something out of it.

Moose rated this unit 5 on 2001-12-13.

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