Hufschmid Guitars H6 Albinodroid Reviews 5

I have to admit that I didn’t know about the brand before I entered the Rob Chappers competition, (that I won, that is the way I get it :P ), but it was like love at first sight, the guitar is simply astonishing, the shape, the wood colors, EVERYTHING!! Then I checked out the Rob’s videos testing it, and I was already imagining how it will sound on a dirty tone, it is in fact a djent machine, but the clean tone video just blow me away, it sounds so magical that I can help it, I HAVE to own this one for sure! Features: 6 String 25.5’’ scale, 24 frets 1 Volume 1 Tone 2 Kent Armstrong Humbuckers 3 Way Selector Killswicth One piece sipo mahogany neck and body Hard Rock Maple Fingerboard

Ease of use: Is crazy easy on the fingers, the Hard Rock Maple fret board has a creamy-like quality that invites you to play for hours and do crazy bends that with other guitars will be more than painful!!! Another thing that I look for on a guitar is the distance of my picking hand to the guitar controls (knobs and switch). This guitar has the perfect distance, not so close to make me uncomfortable, and not too far, it just feels natural to me reach the tone and volume knobs as well as the switch and killswitch!!! Also the easyness of how you can change the action of the string is brillant!! Just by adjusting the truss rod at the base of the neck – It’s really easy to set the truss rod using the rotary wheel!! Sound Quality: Where to start!! This guitar is by far the most versatile I have ever played, you can hear everything you play, the response is more than honest, what you play is what you get! That’s why i love it! The dirty sounds are destructive and massive, the low harmonics on it gives it a djent quality, but you can still hear every high harmonic and string and pick noise – it is just beautiful. The clean tone is like loud yet gentile. I work playing any kind of music style and this guitar just have everything I need; from a warm jazz tone to a mid-range boosted funky tone and a bright, exiting tone that works perfect for latin music! Reliability: It’s extremely well built you can tell it will last for ever!! The guitar stays in tune after a long playing session!! The tone is always the same. I have tested on many amps, and unlikely the most of guitars, the albinodroid doesn’t change his unique voice at all – the response is still the same.

Overall Rating: This is the first time I get to play a guitar this good, here in my country you will only get the typical brands, so am pretty honored and greatful with Patrick. It has everything you can ask for on a guitar, from looks to sound and durability, I don’t really know how Patrick makes them, I can imagine just one guy doing this piece of art. One last thing i would like to say is that Patrick is an awesome guy, is funny, friendly and one of the most talented and gifted luthiers, such a unique person, if you are thinking about getting, one don’t hesitate – contact Patrick. You will not regret it!

Leonardo Guzman rated this unit 5 on 2011-09-17.

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