Hufschmid Guitars H6 Claro Walnut Reviews 5

After I got two incredible axes by Patrick Hufschmid (The H7 Pure Rust and the Mockingdroid I reviewed some weeks ago), I thought I didn’t need another guitar anymore… But need isn’t lust, right? So one day, as I shared some mails with Patrick, I heard about this guitar he made for a customer who couldn’t get accustomed to it. So bad, but sometimes stories aren’t made to last… Anyway, as he had the guitar back he suggested I could buy it at a lowered price, so the instrument ended at home a few days later!

Features: This one features a Strat-like shape, Sapelli neck and body plus a wonderful walnut top! West African ebony fingerboard, 24 jumbo frets, Hipshop black hardware and as usual Kent Armstrong handmade pickups (Patrick ordered the same pickups I have on my other Hufschmid especialy for me, including the neck pickup that features unique specifications I asked for the other guitars… incredible job for a guitar that wasn’t made for me!). This particular guitar has also a set-neck which is extremely rare on Hufschmid guitars (only two of them actually have one, mine and Rob Chapper’s Tele), but the original customer really wanted it. The guitar looks and feels amazing, raw and still extremely refined, as Patrick has the secret…

Ease of use: Since the day I got my 7 string, I understood how light a guitar could be. With this one, the thing goes a step further, as the guitar is only 2.8kg (!). I really cannot imagine an instrument so comfortable, my back really appreciates that too. Patrick also managed to reprofile the neck according to my handshape so it’s just as if it was actually made for me. Playing this guitar is ridiculously easy, each time I grab it I feel like I got it for years. The fact it has a set neck also increases the comfort as it allowed Patrick to make a more profiled junction between the neck and the body. Sound Quality: As for my other Hufschmid, which have the same pickup configuration, the sound is always perfect in definition, whatever I play; clean tones, crunch, distortion. This guitar is a metal monster, of course, as it’s my main musical background, but as a teacher I have to approach blues, rock, jazz and other different kind of music and I can with that guitar and those pickups. I have to say I didn’t notice any difference between my bolt-on Hufschmid and this one, they all have the same amazing tone and sustain, what seems logical as they have exactly the same junction shape. Once again, incredible sound quality, all my other axes are overtaken.

Reliability: I feel completely free when I play this guitar, I never feel like holding something fragile. This instrument is strong, I never broke a string yet, it stays in tune (thanks to Hipshot for making awesome quality hardware!) and could assume a nuclear attack or something… Well, not to that point, but you know what I mean! I am really confident with its reliability, as I am for the H7 and the mockingdroid. Those axes are solid as a rock.

Overall Rating: One more time I am absolutely in love with a Hufschmid. It’s my third one and I am still surprised by the whole thing; look, comfort, feel, sound… all matches my philosophy of guitar playing, thus I think my quest for ultimate axes ends with those ones. Many thanks to Patrick for being such an artist in guitar making, great professional and friend. Your guitars have a strong personality, they are from those ones you keep for you life and they always get better and better, those ones you know how much you love them each time you play them, those ones you can push your limits with. Not for everyone’s tastes. Definitely for mine’s.

Julien Lamarre rated this unit 5 on 2011-08-30.

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