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My first Hufschmid was my 7 string I reviewed a few days ago. Some weeks after I received it I decided it wouldn't be my only Hufschmid! I wanted a mockingbird for several years, so I asked Patrick if it was possible for him, and we agreed on the fact it would perfectly fit his unique design. This time I also asked a maple top, for aesthetics purpose. Here we go! 6 string, 25.5' scale, tuned C G C F A D (11-58 gauges). One piece mastergrade quartersawn sapele neck and body (bolt-on construction), highly figured western quilt maple top with a special home-made taint. West African ebony fretboard, 24 Xjumbo frets, compound radius (12' to 16'). Planet Waves locking tuners that cut your string automatically, hipshot fixed bridge, two custom humbuckers made by Kent Armstrong and designed by Patrick himself, controlled by a volume, a tone, a 3-way switch and a killswitch (upper horn). As all Hufschmid guitars, the body is beautifully beveled on the back, plus a armrest bevel on the top, and in my case it also includes the mockingbird's classic bevels. The result is a mockingbird revisited in Patrick's way. Words couldn't describe how much I love this gorgeous axe.

I couldn't imagine of a better neck shape since it was made from a tracing of my left hand Patrick asked in the beginning of the building process. It's rounder on the lower frets and flattens progressively to the upper frets. Thus I can riff so long without a cramp and shred effortless on the same instrument. Effortless is the most appropriate word when I have to describe my playing on this guitar... It's also really light, I constantly play this guitar standing during hours, and I never suffered from my back, legs, arms or neck after that. Added to that, the bridge is the most comfortable I ever tried, it would never hurt your hand, and as a guitar teacher, I have to play 6 hours a day sometimes, so comfort is a primordial point on an instrument for me. I wanted my 7 string to be a simple and yet versatile instrument which I can play all kind of music with. This time I asked a highgain wild monster! I kept the OTT model in bridge position, and asked a custom Rocker-on-steroids in neck position. Both pickups have similar (HIGH!)output level, the sound is clear, defined, huge, perfect for my tastes in distorted tones, but don't underrate Kent Armstrong, those pickups are also able to produce crystal-like clean tones as well as blues' warm crunches. And forget all luthery myths about bodies' thickness, mahogany, set-in necks warm and fat sound and sustain, this guitar has a 35mm thin mahogany body, a bolt-on mahogany neck and by far the most incredible sustain and the tightest/clearest sound I heard for an electric guitar.

My two Hufschmid are the only guitars I'm entirely confident in terms of solidity and durability. Since the day I got it I never broke a string, never had to set anything, and it stays in tune for hours, litterraly! Reliable, is an euphemism, those axes are solid as a rock! I have played several live shows with them and natural aesthetic evolutions apart, nothing moved... My mate, first Wedingoth's guitarist, could tell you about that since I have to set his guitars after almost each show. I am extremely proud of this guitar, it was the one I needed to complete my H7, since I have them both, I don't need any other instrument anymore (but don't confuse 'need' and 'desire'! :-P). Once again, it took one month to Patrick to build this one, with pictures of the progress everyday, I have seriously never seen such communication between a builder and his customer, Pat is clearly a master!

Julien Lamarre rated this unit 5 on 2011-06-13.

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