Ibanez SW 'Sound Works' 35 Reviews 4

I purchased this amp from a local shop called B-sharp Music in Minneapolis, MN. I paid $150 (new).

This amp is well suited and versatile. The biggest extra it has in its price range is the effects send/return (1/4" jacks x 2) jacks, a feature you won't likely find on another amp at this price. Another great addition is the presence control, that is also a bit of an extra. It also has a very functional EQ, featuring the usual BASS, MID, and TREBLE knobs, they have a wide range, thus allowing you to shape your tone with fair precision. Then there's the GAIN and VOLUME knobs and the CD (RCA) inputs. The RCA inputs seem like an afterthought and a marketing tool for the amp, there are many other ways to hook your CD or tape deck up to an amp. One thing I am really impressed with is that your instrument volume and your CD player volume can be seperately adjusted with the GAIN and VOLUME knobs respectively, a very smart feature to include for the CD inputs! And yet another thing I consider as an extra, a LINE OUT jack, a good addition. Then of course it has the input jack and the common headphones jack (1/4"). I'm very impressed with the overall sound of this amp, even on my weak ibanez P-bass with factory pickups it sounds rounded, punchy, and crisp.

There is one glaring problem that I CAN get past but am still annoyed by. That is the loud hiss coming from the cabinet when you turn it up. Also, this little 35 watter should go about 10 or 15 dB's louder, in my opinion. Other than those, I have no complaints.

It's a very sturdy design, using nice thick wood and built with a good deep cabinet. The edge protectors are plastic, but tough, and the handle is built well. It also has a synthetic leather looking skin and a tilt back design allowing you to aim it diagonaly upwards. The 10" fiber cone speaker sounds good and appears to be of good construction. In the center there is a decent crisp little tweeter to round the sound out. Cosmetically, it's a very nice amp, all the way down to the little bells and whistles like the blue LED's for the power switch and the limiter indicator. The plastic mesh screen is unfortunately of poor quality and doesn't fit tightly across the amp.

The price/performance ratio is good. In this amps case, you get a little more than what you pay for. You can probably only use this amp for practice and small, non PA'd gigs. Due to the loud hissing, I would not use it for any important PA amplified gigs. All in all, if you're looking for a good practice amp with some great extra features, go try one out!

CLR rated this unit 4 on 2003-12-29.

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