Ibanez BTB 400 QMTR Reviews 5

I bought this bass a few days ago from a person who has closed his shop in Aachen(Germany), so that Iīve only paid 150 Euros!!! for it. That was the best deal Iīve ever made. I donīt really need this bass because I play an Ibanez EDB 605 5-String but for 150 Euros I couldnīt say no ;-)

At first it has a wonderful finish (Maple on front and basswood on the back and is coulored with transparent red so that you can see the masure of the wood) absolutely nice!!! An other great thing is the 18V active electronic inside, that gives a real big punch so that Iīm thinking about to use it in the band because with this sound I wonīt need the 5-String to get the punch I want. Itīs easy to play and the midrangefrequenze- controle is an amazing feature- cool effect if you turn this knob while playing a tone;-) Also it sounds very good if you slap it. But the best for me is that the cable canīt drop during wild live sessions because it locks inside the bass and you can only take it off by pressing a red knob. This was my problem at the most shows Iīve played but this problem wonīt exist any longer;-)

A thing that doesnīt matter to me but perhaps to other people is that the neck is a little bit too big. This doesnīt matter to me because Iīve always played 5-Strings but this neck is exactly as big as the neck of my 5-String but gets only 4. I donīt know anymore things I donīt like at this bass.

I donīt have much to say- itīs typically Ibanez that the quality is really great and it cames with elexir strings on it- only great;-)

Iīm very happy about this bass, even when you look for the money Iīve paid. Of course Iīve read the other reviews about this bass and I canīt understand that someone want to tell us that this bass is only good for jazz and so on... Try this: Bass: 1/3, Treble: full, Midrange: full, midrangefrequenze: full, volume: full Balnce: set completely to the bridge pickup if youīve done you have the best hardcore sound you could get!!! I would never have bought this bass for the regular price but now Iīm really thinking of buying the 5-String of the BTB series. BTBīs are really really great basses. and sorry about my bad english

Dens rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-05.

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