Ibanez BTB 405 QM Reviews 5

Purchased at Guitar Ctr. I was going to get a Fender Jazz V Deluxe MIM. but got tired of waiting. Paid $600.00

Nice sturdy 5 bolt Fat neck with 2 truss rods. 18 volt electronics, quilted maple top, 35 inch scale, beautiful rosewood fret board that is smooth as glass, overall construction and sound is unbelievable. Built Like A Tank!

I don't know if the hardware is satin chrome or satin stainless but stainless would be the better choice. We will see.

Like I said it's built like a tank! A little heavy but it's a good heavy. It doesn't feel cheap. The neck was set up perfect. Straight as an arrow and no buzzes. When you can make your neck perfectly straight and get no buzzes, that means the fret work is immaculate. All I did was lower the action to my taste and adjust the intonation. Also, it came strung with Elixir Nanoweb Strings. $46.00 if you buy them, they are awesome! Much better than the Polywebs. It's a shame Ibanez is switching to D'Addarios, the Elixirs are much better.

This bass is the BOMB! It's loud, clear and can generate anysound your head imagines. From old school Fender rock and funk to modern fusion and smooth jazz tones. 18 volt electronics gives you plenty of head room. Very cool if you play through a house system direct. This bass is worth every penny. Ibanez is getting better. The next one on my list is the SR 905. Another beauty worth checking out.

Soulman rated this unit 5 on 2005-02-19.

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