Ibanez BTB 405QM - 5 String Bass Reviews 5

I bought this guitar from Mainstreet Music in Greensborough, Victoria. I paid $1090 Aus dollars for it new (they give me a discount, retails for around $1500). I bought it because I liked the look, had a fettish for Ibanez guitars and above all it was recommended to me by a mate of mine at Mainstreet Music.

It is BIG! 35" scale means no floppy B string and really quick attack. It has a skinny neck (depth) which is also very wide (wide string spacing) and allows unbelivable access for percussive bass (slap style). It's also really good if you don't like the strings too close together (I have big fingers). GREAT bottom end and a really good sound with no bass, no treble and full midrange (with a low frequencey selected, see the EQ layout at www.ibanez.com)

Some may find it hard to reach notes. It is only slightly bigger than the average bass, but you can definatley feel it. Also it is heavy. Keep in mind if you like to mosh and don't want a bad back like Jason Newstead...

In a word, Solid. Quilted maple finish, lovely. Bolt on neck, very rigid. Good access to the whole neck, nice stock hardware. The bridge is excellent on this bass!

I gave this a 5, because for what it is, it is excellent, if not the best. But I'm still to try out either an Ibanez EDA or a Warwick Thumb. Both of these look like exceptional basses also.

Bainesy rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-17.

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