Ibanez BTB 5-string Bartolini Reviews 4

This is an Ibanez BTB series bass. 2 9 volt batteries make it an 18volt bass. The pickups are stock passive Bartolini. There is a 3-band boost/cut EQ, volume and blend knob between the 2 pickups.This bass is a bolt-on bass with about 5 neck screws. The finish is a clear purple that you can see some nice wood grain through it.

I bought this used on Craigslist. I never found out what the heck model this is. I wanted a 5 string bass to mess around with and I believe I paid $200 for it.

The neck was amazing! It played like a dream. The finish was crazy looking. The weight was very comfortable and light.

I never bonded with the active EQ. The bass sounded too compressed and synth like for me.

This bass has two truss rods giving you more options to get the setup that works for you.The bass is well built, light weight and very playable. The bridge had individual saddles for each string.

A great first taste of what a custom boutique bass feels and sounds like. I did not really bond with the sound of the bass, but the feel and playability was great.

Billy rated this unit 4 on 2011-01-15.

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