Ibanez BTB400QMTB Reviews 5

I was shocked by it's price around 500 Euro other BTB's cost around 1000 but it is only 4 string in this series. I bought it in local shop.

I realy like it's look and light 5 pice neck compared to heavy body. Which means the neck is all the time up not falling down like in Fenders. For me it adds comfort. It has vary low action all over the neck becouse of strong tension rod. It keeps tune for long time. Two 9 volt batteries work for vary long time. Neutrik locking-jack is good option. Ibanez monorail bridge looks and works great. Ibanez wanted to produce bass with more classic sound then other models. They faild it has modern sound vary specific in my opinion. Mid-EQ is cool. One panorama knob for volume of each pick-up. LOW NOISE

Spaceing at bridge is too narrow for beginners to play slap. Neck pick-up should never play alone becouse it sounds weak. Sounds bad with bright steel strings. I hate the little plastic thing that covers rod in head.

As I said it has great set up. Good constuction of body. Great construction of neck. Nice color(I have transparent blac version but red one i even cooler) and finish. Good shielding in control cavity. Strong tuners. When you buy it regulet the screws in knobs they are wooby. Five screw neck joint quite tight. Cool hand-stop. 24 frets on D an G and 23 on A and E. Good fret job.

I am vary satisfied with it. Great modern sound. Go to shop and try if you like the sound go for it if you dont't you are looking for a bass for disco of pop music with lot of roundness and big bottom. This one have selective bottom good for rock, jazz or metal.

Dass_99 rated this unit 5 on 2002-10-24.

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