Ibanez Bass Guitar GSR 200 Reviews 4

I acquired this bass through Musician'sfriend, an online site which sells an enormous amount of musical instruments and equipment. A friend of mine had a catalogue of their items and helped me select an inexpensive bass guitar. I was told that they often have great deals. That month,there were no shipping and handling charges included on the merchandise. I bought the Ibanez as my first bass, so I was reluctant to spend too much. I actually got it for a competitive, great price: $208.

The Ibanez GSR 200 bass guitar has a great feel. The fingerboard is easy to grasp and navigate. There are two pickups which provide a wonderful sound, in addition to three control nobs. I opted for the black guitar, although you could get it in red. The finish is smooth and attractive. Although I have already dropped it on two occasions, it appears to be a very durable instrument.

The only things that I did not like were the strings and the action. I believe that the strings were actually pretty cheap so I've had those replaced already. In addition, I do not believe that the action was adequately set by the manufacturer. I have since had that adjusted too.

I have found the guitar to be very durable and of a fine quality. The nobs and tuners are sturdy. It is easy to clean and resists easy scratches. In comparison to other basses, it seems to be of average weight.

I would recommend this bass as a first, beginner's bass because you receive alot of quality for the price you pay. It has great sound and is durable.

david sinclair rated this unit 4 on 2002-02-21.

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