Ibanez DT650 Destroyer II Reviews 4

I'm Russian bass player. I played throuh 4 bands and now turned to soloing. I keep slapping for about 6 years.

I got this beast on eBay for just $300, half a year ago. This '85 Japanese bass looks like butcher's axe with some meat still on strings, and it took a month to restore and make it sound.

It's alive! This bass makes me to spend with it much more time than I expected. It has it's own personality and lets me feel that. It's deep agressive roar crushs windows and makes people crazy, it's hungry monster. It has great playability and I can do anything - from 'Classical thump' to 'Sting of Bumblebee'. Neither Warwick nor Fender gave me such an opportunity.

It's all covered with blemishes and scratches left from previous bassist. It's finish is too old and looks too vintage. And that damn X-shape is not rather handy to get through Moscow metro, moreover, I still can't find a suitable bag. Besides, it produces extremly high almost ultrasonic hiss on max gain of big amps.

Sound is awesome, neck is fast, X-shape is convenient and keeps hands relaxed. But it's too damn huge and heavy for public transport. Stock pickups supposed to be DiMarzio, but they are somewhat weak, however, high gain is good for me, not the highest.

I know that there are some basses better than this. I bought it to sell later in Russia. But this beast loves me and I'll never let it go!

Drago rated this unit 4 on 2006-07-25.

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