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I dont like anything about this bass guitar. Except maybe the cable that came with it, it was quite nice but apart from that it is crap.

I dont like this bass at all! For a start, it only has 4 strings, which is crap. And they are all out of tune! When I plugged it into my tuner, I got A#, G, B, A#. And the intonation is completely buggered as well. When I tried playing 12th fret on the top string, I got an A#! Also this bass is far too heavy, it is too curvey and it has too many knobs. When I got it home I thought it was broken, it was only after 5 days of playing with it I found how to make it produce a noise! Also I found out that this thing needs a battery to run! So I need to replace a battery in it! thats crap!

Very poor quality construction. Its to heavy and the neck came loose when i got it out of the box.

This bass it crap! I need a battery to use it and it had small scratches when I got it!

Black Rapper Dude rated this unit 1 on 2002-06-04.

I bought it off Ebay for $500 and after playing it I wish I hadnt

absolutely nothing

this is the worst bass I've ever played, it has the highest action ever and as soon as you try and lower it the strings start to buzz like crazy. the machine heads are shit, whilst tuning it the threads in the machine head kept slipping until i tightened it up it was fine after that but a week later it had slackened off again and has continued to do so to this day. the pickups are pretty poor in quality, its extremely hard to get a good sound from this bass . I use a trace elliot 715 amp which is excellent but even with my TE it is a near impossible task to get a good sound out of this bass (i have no idea why, probably because ibanez are crap).

the construction quality is reasonable but for the price i payed I would expect far more than what i got (it feels and plays like a budget encore bass).

do not buy this bass (or any other ibanez). ibanez are over-rated and this bass is proof of how shit ibanez are. you'd be better off buying a squire bass since theyre much much cheaper and they sound better in my opinion.

Ibanez suck!!! rated this unit 1 on 2002-06-03.

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