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Bought it beginning - the only others i had played were in stores and a Washburn i had been loaned by a friend for a few months. i think i paid $170 for it (?). got it in midnight (?) blue - very sweet color - from a local store 2 years ago. also got a cool looking neon orange, springy strap that comlpements and contrasts the blue nicely. (and i put a white Apple sticker that sits under my right arm)

good for beginer. i've got some nice tinny, twanggy strings on it so it works well as a slap bass. not too heavy which is nice (compared to my Fender Jazz). the tone knob works extremely well. i use it during the middle of a song as a rudementary distortion control. you can really get some dirty sounds almost like you've got a mic there (play it on a big amp and you'll know what i mean) using the tone. i really love the color i got. the strap rarely comes off as was a problem i had with a few other guitars i've played on but i guess it just depends on the strap more or less.

some slight buzzing that i haven't bothered to try to work out mainly because when i use my ibanez, i'm playing something with a dirty-distorted sound (i use my fretless fender for other stuff). there's also a horrible, lose-wiring hum/buzz that just annoys the piss out of me. it goes away somewhat if you ground it (touching the volume and tone knobs works best). rather unattractive with its one p-style pickup (and only to knobs) but it's not in an obtrusive possition on the guitar. i don't like the headstock or really the ibanez name. i just didn't want to get a cheap brand guitar.

pretty good i guess but it is a bolt on neck. like i said before, there is slight buzzing at certain parts but it's not really anything unexpectable from such a guitar.

good axe for a beginner as ibanez says but if i went back two years, i would have saved a few more bucks and then bought the GSR 200 for it's looks and slight versatility advantage or that sweet danelectro rumor bass (which i will buy some day because it's just so awesome looking) if it were available then. i'd give it a 4 because i love what i've done to customize it to my liking, but since i'm not reviewing MINE per-say....a 3

Rdevitt - future world-reknown bassist rated this unit 3 on 2002-04-25.

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