Ibanez GSR 100 Reviews 5

The GSR Series is a good beginer series. If you want to get into bass guiatr the GSR 100 helps alot. I picked it up at a local guitar shop and it cost me 200 dollars.

The GSR 100's most radiant feture is its sleek neck which is easy to grip for rookies. Its help get the hand comfertable with the bass. I think it is the number one rookie bass invented so far in the history of bass guitars. Good job Ibanez.

Nothing, this is a good guitar for its price range. Although it doesnt compare to some of the other basses Ibanez has it is good.

The neck like i said is incredible and the paint job is flawless.

This guitar rocks!!!! It was my first ever bass and rookies buy it NOW!

Dan rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-30.

I Bought this guitar from my local music store for $200. From the moment i picked it up, my fingers fell right into place on the frets. I played guitar for over a year and bought this as a begginer's bass and trust me if anyone who is even considering learning how to play a bass, this bass is worth the investment.

The body is nice and playable, and for a 200 dollar base the contsruction is comparable to that of it's uptown cousins

Nothing is wrong with the bass but i have to ask the people at ibanez on behalf of all bass players PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE sting your instruments with better factory strings.

The neck was bolted on nice and tight, the paint job was excellent.

Great Instrument Keep up the good work

Jonathan rated this unit 4 on 2001-12-01.

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