Ibanez GSR100Z SoundGear Bass Reviews 4

I purchased this Ibanez at Guitar Center in San Diego because of my interest in bass guitar and the sales person at Guitar Center said this was a great electric bass for starting out.

I like the size of this unit, the body isn't too heavy and it is perfect for my size. The frets are large enough, and yet the neck isn't quite too thick so I can really wrap my hand around to get some good playing action in. The pickups are in a good position for general plucking and slapping and everything seems to be of high quality.

There are two knobs on the electric bass which don't appear to have any control of tone or volume - they just don't do anything, and I don't feel like they should be there if they aren't serving a purpose.

The construction I consider simple and well. Everything is simple which I prefer.

I have had a really easy time adjusting and getting into the groove with this bass guitar, and I would recommend it to anyone starting out because of its simplicity, yet high quality musical tone.

Melissa rated this unit 4 on 2001-07-25.

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