Ibanez GSR200 Bass Reviews 4

I got this guitar a few years ago as a gift. It cost about $200 at the time. I needed a bass to start and learn on and the person at my local music store said that this would be a good one.

I like this bass a lot. It's not too heavy and plays great. It's perfect for beginners and rockers on a budget. Ibanez makes good instruments and this is no exception. This bass would be great as a backup bass too, or one that you can use to just have fun with and not worry about messing it up.

I don't like on this bass that the strap holder screw holes stripped, but i guess that will happen to any guitar after a good amount of time. Also the pickups aren't great. they could have a much better sound, but like i said it's perfect for beginners.

This is a great bass. i've dropped it, and knocked it over numerous times and it still plays just as good as it did when i brought it home from the store. It's very solid and lasts a long time.

This bass is perfect for anyone looking for a high quality bass for not a lot of money. It will last you a long time and is perfect for people on a budget.

drumkid11 rated this unit 4 on 2004-08-31.

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